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CW-X Compression & Support Web™ Technology

What Makes CW-X Conditioning Wear Different?

CW-X Conditioning Wear is unique as it offers both compression and kinesiology taping benefits.CW-X Support Web™ provides kinesiology taping benefits by stabilising muscles and joints to reduce risk of injury and improve balance.Combined, these two attributes make CW-X a standout in the high endurance scene in Australia and around the world.


Benefits of CW-X Conditioning Wear

Combining compression technology with the CW-X Support Web significantly increases the benefits during all stages of exercise. One of the key differences CW-X Conditioning Wear has against other compression brands is that all of our tights, shorts, tops and socks support and stabilise surrounding muscles and joints. When wearing CW-X you can feel the difference in quality and support. 

Here is a list of benefits offered from all CW-X apparel:

Improved circulation
Increased oxygen intake to muscles
Minimised lactic acid build up
Quicker recovery time
Reduced muscle soreness
Increased power to muscles
Targeted muscle support
Improved stability and balance
Regulates body temperature
Less risk of injury


The CW-X Story

CW-X Conditioning Wear was designed and tested by the Wacoal Corporation in Kyoto, Japan. CW-X launched in 1991 and has since become the number one compression brand in Japan. In recent years CW-X Conditioning Wear has now become available to the Australian and US markets. Globally, CW-X is one of the best compression brands due to our distinguishable designs, quality fabrics, advanced compression technology and our world famous Support Web™.