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Free Australian Fitness and Health Digital Magazines


Are you running out of things to read? Don’t want to spend more money on fitness magazines or subscriptions? Well, it’s a good thing digital publishing is becoming more popular.


Popular magazines offer free trials or bonus issues to gain digital subscribers. But, a select few exist that are free to online readers.


Here is a list of free Australian digital magazines that can experienced on your computer, smart phone or tablet.



WNiF Magazine

What’s New in Fitness is a great all rounded magazine for fitness freaks of all ages. WNiF content contributors are industry experts and individuals invested in sport, health and wellbeing.




Direct link to digital issues:



OH! Magazine

OH! Magazine is available through most gyms and clubs around Australia. The great thing about OH! is that the content is current, interesting and relevant to readers.




Direct link to the latest issues:



GO Fitness Magazine

A varied magazine that is better suited to an older demographic. Articles are created by well-known Australian health and fitness figures like Michelle Bridges and Pete Evans.




Direct link to current magazine:



Want more free magazines?

Visit these digital publishing websites to access free sport and fitness mags from all around the world.



Zinio: A Place for Magazines

Zinio is considered the world’s largest newsstand both for paid and free digital magazines.


Visit Zinio here:



Issuu: Reading and Publishing

With over 21 million publications, Issuu is the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world.


Visit Issuu here: