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GROUP FITNESS 101 - BodyPump

Beginners' Guide to BodyPump Classes

Class Length: There are three lengths – 55 minutes, 45 minutes, and 30 minutes. The following information is based on the class our team attended, the 55 minute class. 
Calories: 600+ - Averages will vary depending on the person.
What’s involved: Total body workout with high repetitions.
What to wear: CW-X PRO Tights for muscle support and faster recovery.
What you will need to setup once you walk in: Yoga mat, step bench, weighted bar as well as spare weights to increase/lower your bar weight and to use as free handed weights.
What you need: Water, towel.


For a full length class the structure usually goes as follows but may differ from gym to gym, shorter length classes will usually drop one or two muscle groups:

  1.    Warm-up 
  2.    Squats 
  3.    Chest 
  4.    Back 
  5.    Triceps 
  6.    Biceps
  7.    Lunges 
  8.    Shoulders 
  9.    Abs/Core 
  10.    Cool Down 

Benefits of BodyPump Classes: 

This full body invigorating barbell workout exercises all the major muscle groups burning calories, shape and toning your entire body, increasing core strength, endurance capability and improving bone health. Body Pump classes use weight-room exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses and curls to give your core, lower and upper body a complete workout.


After a heart pumping, lighter weight warm-up you exercise to the rhythm of the music before finishing your class with a down-tempo cool-down to stretch your muscles and reduce the chance of injury. Each muscle group exercises last the length of one track of music (4-5 minutes) and after each track there will be a brief moment to stretch to help with muscle recovery.


Body pump introduces beginners to weight training while still staying challenging to the experienced gym goers. The instructor will offer technical advice on form and how to make it easier for beginners while offering the chance for the seasoned athletes to make it more difficult, ie adding weight or squatting deeper.


Remember that this is a high intensity class with over 800 reps used in a single hour, it doesn’t matter what you can lift out in the weights room at a slow and steady pace, you will need to lower your weight load to allow for correct posture throughout the entire track. Body Pump pushes your muscles to their very limits with very little down time to recover. If you are recovering from muscle injuries or you are pushing your lifting threshold, wearing supportive and appropriate workout gear is essential to help reduce your risk of injury and to speed up your recovery process.  


BodyPump Overview: 

Body pump is the perfect way to increases your strength and endurance while improving your body’s fat burning ability. Each week your muscles will adapt and you will slowly see strength gains, start light for your first class then increase as you see fit.



Author Lisa Collis, September 2015.