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CW-X Conditioning Wear FAQs


Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about CW-X® sportswear.



Frequently Asked Question # 1

Q. So what exactly is CW-X Conditioning Wear?

A: CW-X is a new category of engineered compression apparel. It is kinesiologically-engineered high performance clothing. Our anatomically-precise conditioning wear is designed to enhance the body's performance, from warm-up to recovery.


Frequently Asked Question # 2

Q. How exactly does CW-X Conditioning Wear work?

A: With four-way stretch fabric and a patented CW-X Support Web™ mirroring the lines of human anatomy. CW-X® bands muscles and joints together which increases the body's efficiency, diminishes fatigue and reduces risk of injury.


Frequently Asked Question # 3

Q. What is the CW-X Support Web™?

A: Following the laws of anatomy, the Support Web ™ is a built-in taping system whose precise, gentle pressure stabilises joints and promotes muscle balance. It increases power and reduces fatigue.


Frequently Asked Question # 4

Q. What makes CW-X Conditioning Wear unique?

A: CW-X was born from a 40-year of study of kinesiology. It has earned an astonishing 15 patents in the U.S. alone. It is the first anatomically-engineered apparel, worn by athletes as diverse as Olympic athletes, World Cup soccer players, Tour de France cyclists, Major League baseball players, and numerous ultra marathon runners around the world.


Frequently Asked Question # 5

Q. How should I wash my CW-X clothing?

A: CW-X Compression garments are safe to machine wash - but you should use a delicate setting and wash them in cold water. Wash bags are also a good idea as they prevent other clothing items damaging your CW-X Compression Wear. Always allow your CW-X clothing to dry naturally.


Frequently Asked Question # 6

Q. Can CW-X Conditioning Wear help my medical condition?

A: CW-X can help with medical conditions that benefit from increased circulation and oxygenation. CW-X compression clothing can help relieve a range of conditions including arthritis, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), lymphoedema, varicose veins and DVT (deep vein thrombosis).


Frequently Asked Question # 7

Q. What season is best for wearing CW-X Conditioning Wear?

A: CW-X offers appropriate clothing for all seasons. Our Insulator and Expert range work as a base layer making them perfect for Winter Sports. Each product displays which season it is most suitable for.


Frequently Asked Question # 8

Q. What is the process for returns, exchanges or refunds?

A: We offer a 60 day money back guarantee for all CW-X sportswear. If you wish to return or exchange items please email or call our office on (02) 9670 0600. For more details please read our Returns Policy (

Please note that CW-X Conditioning Wear products must be returned with the tags still attached, along with the original packaging.


If you require more information please contact us.