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CW-X & Your Sport

CW-X Sports

The CW-X technology is based around compression and support with the unique feature being the patented Kinesiology Support Webbing stitched into each garment to provide support and stability for working muscles and joints.

Originally designed as a technical running garment to aid warm up and recovery, promote movement efficiency and aid injury management, the benefits of CW-X can be obtained across a number of different sports and activities. Below are some common areas of use of CW-X.



Running, Triathlon & Multisport

The graded 4-way compression in all CW-X clothing works to aid warm up and recovery and promote improvements in proprioception and a reduction in muscle oscillation ensuring that your muscles are working as efficiently as possible. The Kinesiology Support Webbing stitched into each garment works to offer support for working muscles and stability for key joints working to aid biomechanical alignment during running. The support webbing in the CW-X web tops has been designed to promote scapular retraction, encouraging an upright posture and improving arm swing.

Ideal for use in warm up, during competition/training and in cool down.



Snow Sports, Outdoor adventure & Hiking

CW-X acts as base layer clothing and whether you need to stay warm and dry or cool and dry, CW-X have specific garment technology to help regulate your body temperature as well as offer the benefits in improved circulation and support and stability for major joints.

The support webbing is ideal for skiers to aid in joint alignment, knee and hip stability and to provide support for the quadriceps when eccentrically loaded for the majority of a downhill run. It is for this reason that the Canadian Alpine Ski team, The USA Telemark Ski team and the USA Luge team use CW-X.

Stay warm and dry -CW-X offer Insulator tights, featuring warm stretch fleece lining with auto sensor temperature regulation fabric. This is designed to keep next to skin temperature at a comfortable level, keeping you warm and dry. The insulator stability tights also feature a Diaplex front panel that is water repellent and wind resistant.

Stay cool and dry -The regular CW-X tights and tops feature Coolmax technology designed to move moisture to the surface of the garment for evaporation. With CW-X Conditioning Wear you remain cool, even at the highest temperatures and when less energy goes to cooling the body, you have more available for the activity you love.

On top of temperature regulation, CW-X are an ideal base layer clothing for outdoor enthusiasts to support working muscles and joints, protect against chronic injury and long term fatigue and ensure correct biomechanical alignment. It is for these reasons that the USA Mountain Running team run in CW-X.



High-Intensity Sports with Multidirectional Activity

High-intensity sports require you to be at your best, right from the start and the nature of these sports means your muscles and joints come under immense strain. CW-X is used by athletes across a range of different sports for the benefits in improved circulation to aid warm up and recovery. The support webbing in each garment based around commonly applied kinesiology taping techniques offers an unrivalled level of support for athletes. Effectively by pulling on a pair of CW-X tights you are strapping yourself in to a biomechanically efficient position for movement.

Offering protection against muscular strain through the hamstrings, quadriceps and achilles and joint support around the hip and knee, CW-X are the ideal guard against training injury or a great tool to aid in your return from soft tissue or joint injury. You will also benefit from improvements in proprioception through the high-grade compression, a further tool to ensure you manage or prevent injury.



Gym, Fitness, Yoga, Pilates & Dancing


CW-X Pro Tights and shorts offer muscular support to guard against muscular strains. CW-X Stability Tights are a great alignment aid for squat and lunge movements ensuring hip and knee alignment. A huge advantage of the Support Webbing in CW-X web tops is the tension applied to the shoulder blades encouraging scapular retraction. This encourages upright posture and puts you in the best position for any lifts performed and can have long-term beneficial effects on posture.