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The CW-X Conditioning Cycle

CW-X Conditioning Wear makes high-performance technical apparel that helps athletes of all kinds improve their speed, endurance and recovery.

Performance³ incorporates the 3 phases of the conditioning cycle which effectively warms up muscles, maximises support and accelerates recovery. 

How Does CW-X Conditioning Wear Work?

The CW-X Support Web™ is a joint and muscle support system designed and engineered from kinesiology taping techniques. CW-X offers a variety of collections that have a unique support system and provide targeted support to key areas of the legs, hips, knees, back, ankles and more. This support system improves stability, balance, alignment, shock absorption, and to increase muscle efficiency during sport, activities or training exercises.

How Will CW-X Conditioning Wear Improve My Running, Exercise and Performance?

CW-X Conditioning Cycle

BEFORE - CW-X clothing offers targeted compression and support that helps kick start circulation. This increased circulation allows still muscles to warm up faster when preparing for exercise or running.

DURING - While in motion, the CW-X Support Web™ helps absorb shock and vibration in the knees, hips and pelvis which stabilises the legs and torso. The CW-X Support Bands improve circulation and muscle effeciency, allowing you to run and exercise with more power for longer. 

AFTER - Wearing CW-X Compression Clothing for up to an hour after running and exercise results in faster muscle recovery by flushing out lactic acid build up in the body.