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CW-X Reviews and Testimonials

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Freedom Runners Expedition

CW-X compression gear has always supported me to perform and recover to its best, and in this instance I wasn't disappointed.

I always wear the leggings at night and about 50% of the time I wore the CW-X ventilator shorts. The degree of compression in the shorts was very much needed when I was experiencing pain and required more support than a traditional pair of shorts provide. Nothing I am saying here is new for me, I have felt this way about the CW-X gear since 2010 when I began wearing them.

Samantha Gash

7x World Masters Track Cycling Champion

Being a masters athlete I appreciate the need for good recovery. These tights are great not only for recovery but also for my gym and bike sessions. On the days where I do two sessions I have found these to be great as I can wear them in the gym and then onto the velodrome.

I like the feeling of support especially around the knees and hips from the kinesiology taping. The fact that they have a high waistline, which is great for when you are doing squats or deadlifts! Also great on the bike as the coverage is better than some other brands of recovery wear. I have no hesitations in recommending them to fellow athletes.

Jess Laws

Australian Adventurer

Having used and abused various other brands of compression gear over the years, I can confidently say CW-X compression gear is your best choice. The patented CW-X Support Web provides a robust level of support that you can actually feel - far more than any competitors - and they will noticeably improve your recovery.

Importantly for anyone involved in extreme endurance or outdoor events, CW-X gear will take a real beating whilst continuing to deliver comfort and benefits. If you want high-quality compression gear that actually works and will last, then you need CW-X.

Kyle Williams

Training Director, ASSA

I have been trialling the Women's Pro-Tights for the past few weeks. I was immediately impressed. The tights were used numerous times throughout my training during this testing period. I found that it gave my lower-back and knees a far superior level of support that I have not found in competing products. I really felt them pulling me in with superior compression.

I would recommend the CW-X range of products wholeheartedly and without reservation. In fact, after I realised the potential of the gear, I ordered over $1000 worth for my personal use. If I recommend something its because I use it myself. When working with elite national and international athletes I demand perfection and in-turn I expect perfection from my equipment. With CW-X, I believe that I have found just that.

Ranell Hobson

Australian Trail Running Champion

Recovery in running is so important! The high-impact nature of the sport means that without proper recovery it is impossible to train day after day, week after week. I can only get consistent training in when I am fully recovered from my last session, and when I am injury free.

One of the main components of recovery that is important to me is CW-X tights. I feel it’s really important to put on my CW-X compression tights as soon as I have finished. In fact, sometimes recovery starts before then, when I wear my tights on my easy runs if I have had a hard workout the day before and I am looking for some extra support for my muscles. When my muscles are well-supported, they don’t have to work as hard, which makes my easy runs easier! Also, if I am feeling any niggles from my speed/hill sessions, the kinesio taping that is built into them holds everything in the right place

Of course, as I said, I also wear them after I run. I actually get a feeling of relief in my legs when I pull them on after one of my long trail runs. This really helps me because, as a mum, I don’t get the luxury of chilling out on the couch for the day after my long runs. There’s always something to do! My tights help me feel so much better. I wear them all through summer, too. The Lycra-Coolmax mix in the fabric help me to stay cool.

Isobel Bespalov


Want to write a CW-X Conditioning Wear review or testimonial?
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