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CW-X Size Charts


Mens Compression Tights - Sizing Chart

CW-X men's compression tight size chart

Womens Compression Tights - Sizing Chart

cw-x women's compression tights size chart

How to Properly Fit CW-X Conditioning Wear?

Sizing is determined by size and weight. If you fall between sizes in the grey area, we recommend going up to the next largest size. When fitted properly, CW-X tights are designed to fit comfortably without being overly compressive. It should fit like a "second skin". 



CW-X Bra Sizing Chart


cw-x bra sizing chart


Compression Top Size Chart

Men's Tops
        Small             Medium           Large      Extra Large

35 - 3838 - 4141 - 4444 - 47


Women's Tops
         Extra Small     Small       Medium  Large

 30 - 32.5032.50 - 3535 - 37.5037.50 - 40


Compression Sock Size Chart


cw-x compression socks size chart



Compression Calf Sleeve Size Chart


cw-x calf sleeves size chart

To view our CW-X Care Instructions please visit here.

For more information on sizing please contact CW-X Conditioning Wear Australia.